​​​​Private yoga is a different experience. As a private yoga student, the student receives individualized assessment and attention. 

​In private sessions, I conduct a

​thorough assessment of the 

​student; physically, mentally

​and emotionally in order to 

​develop sequences and practices for the student's

​greatest benefit. 

​In many cases, individuals who are unfamiliar

with yoga or feel unsure about attending group

classes will see me individually ​initially in order

to learn more about yoga generally and to learn

modifications for ​typical  yoga postures.

Private clients will often then go on to attend group classes. 

​I provide individual sessions at my private yoga studio, at Body Calm Studio and

Yoga for Wellness. If you are interested in private sessions, contact me at Sharonhammeryoga@gmail.com

Body Calm Studio

​Meridian, Idaho

Body Calm Studio
Yoga for Wellness

Private Studio

​Eagle, Idaho 

Yoga for Wellness

Boise, Idaho

​Yoga is often experienced in classes and in a variety of venues including health clubs, yoga studios, parks and even wineries.  I teach at a number of studios and venues locally and on travel retreats. Class sizes range from a few people to many people. I have taught classes as small as two people and as large as seventy-five people. ​Engaging in group classes is a great way to practice.  Group practice can be affordable and fun, and a way to meet people.  

When the heart opens, everything changes.