"We want a little movement in a lot of places."

                                             Leslie Kaminoff

Check out Leslie's work; The Breathing Project

These are a just sample sequences. The class begins with simple movements to get the body and mind connected and the body warm. As the class progresses, the movements incorporate both the body and the mind into the practice.

Students are encouraged to approach their practice with curiosity and inquiry bringing a little movement into many places.

           Attending one of my yoga classes you will experience the stimulation of senses in the body including the sense of smell, sight, touch and hearing. My classes are breath-centric connecting the body, mind and spirit. You will learn safe, proper alignment in a supportive and fun environment. My classes are active and fun. I work with students to bring the body as well as the mind into the practice. Balance is an important part of any practice and in my classes we play with balance and challenge the mind. I also incorporate bilateral brain stimulation and alternate sensory exercises to further stimulate the mind.  

When the heart opens, everything changes.


"Yoga is a way of moving into stillness in order to experience the truth of who you are."

                                              ​Erich Schiffmann